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How to use:

You can adjust these buttons according to what you’re accustomed to.

1. Start the game and click Settings - Control - Customize.

2. Move the AIM to the upper left corner.

3. Move the Fire button to the top right corner.

4. Adjust the shooting and target buttons under the touchpad of your mobile game controller.

5. Save your settings.

4-fingers Cheat Mode:

Run over your competition with our new Double Fan Smartphone Controller. Thanks to its 4- fingers grip, you'll be able to turn, move, aim, and shoot at the same time keeping the same position.

Noiseless Fan

We built this cooling fan gamepad on a hush-mode for those late nights’ campaigns. So, you can focus and go deeper into your games.

Long-Lasting Battery

Our gamepad mobile controller grants you up to 12hours of pure delight. A large 2500mAh/5000mAh lithium battery resting adequately inside the controller for a none stop everyday demolition. No XP wasting!


This Mobile Game Controller can support any device from your big clunky phone to your tiny outdated smartphone. You can also run it on Android and iPhone IOS systems.


  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS + Zinc Alloy
  • Product weight: 0,35 lbsTensile width: 4.7-6.0 inch
  • Fan up to: 7,000 rpm
  • Product size: 6.10 X 5.12 X 1.38 inch

No More Sweaty Palms and Overheating Smartphones Double cooling fan for double the comfort

Ready to dominate high specs mobile games? Well, if you are, we've got a nice extra ammunition for your gaming arsenal. The Double Cooling Fan controller is a bang for your buck. Shield your smartphone from overheating and crank up easily your gaming skills. No more draining battery when playing heavy MMOs. Keep your smartphone in mint, pristine condition, and your battery too.

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