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Download  V3 FREE APP to customize your game buttons.

Connection Methods

Android: A + Home Key IOS iPhone: Y + Home Key


With this wireless mobile game controller, you can play your favorites games like PUBG and all the MMORPGs, effortlessly, with no delays, and on any device. Connect it with ease with your android phone, iPhone IOS (X, Xs, X Max), smart TV, or even your computer whatever it is, itll detect it.


You can use this wireless mobile game controller for any game. Its Ergonomic design grants you the ability to put your mobile screen in a vertical or horizontal position. So, it can suit any game you choose to play.

Mister Fantastic Arms

The arms on this Bluetooth mobile controller are extendable. It can reach a 6.2 inch, to fit any mobile device you've got.

Inch Perfect Accuracy

With this wireless mobile game held, you will skyrocket your K/D ratio. Headshot after headshot, prepare yourself to be called names and get accused because the accuracy on these buttons is insane.

Turbo Mode

Because having a wireless gamepad joystick stuck on your phone is not enough as a cheat code, we built a turbo button feature, so you can rapid-fire the respect out of everyone.

Product Specifics

✓ Type: smart Wireless Gamepad ✓ Model: PG-9087S
✓ Color: Black
✓ Features: Cable, Joystick

✓ Connection Type: wireless
✓ Battery Type: Built-in
✓ Battery Capacity (mAh): 380mAh ✓ Charge Method: USB Charge
✓ Working Time: 10h
✓ Gamepad Size: 5,11’ x 2,55’ x 1,14

✓ Package Weight: 0,29 lbs
✓ Package Size (L x W x H): 5,47’ x 3,34’ x 1,92

Package Contents

 1 x Game Controller  1 x User Manual

Turn your phone to a badass handheld game console.

Submerge yourself in waves of convenience and nostalgia with our new Wireless Mobile Game Controller. Get a tailor-made gaming experience, crush your competition, and feel the diversity of having both a joystick and arrow keys at your fingertips. Pair it with your phone, your smart box, or your smart TV. And immerse into a whole new gaming adventure.

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